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Along with playing and recording, Caio is a phenomenal educator. He's worked for New England Conservatory and Boston College teaching guitar, music theory, improvisation, and directing small to large ensembles.

Caio currently serves as faculty for world renowned Berklee College of Music and is available for masterclasses and one-on-one lessons.


“Caio is one of the kindest, most patient, and most knowledgeable teachers I’ve ever had. I never had a single lesson where I didn’t feel extremely comfortable in his presence, and also incredibly inspired by his playing and advice. His range of knowledge of jazz guitar and other types of music is exceptional. His teaching helped me grow my playing to another level.”


Arlo Sims, Berklee/Harvard


"I remember bringing in a tune to be workshopped that used a particular chord that we had discussed the previous week (I think it was 13susb9 and various interpretations; dorian b2, 5th mode of harmonic major, etc). We played through the chart and Caio demonstrated a number of different sounds over chord movement and how they fit with the tune as a whole. He emphasized that none of the interpretations were “correct”, but each had a unique emotional pull. In showing these options he helped me find the sound I heard in my head when I originally wrote the tune, which unlike the many teachers who value their own sonic agenda over that of the students. I left the class feeling inspired to finish the tune and keep writing more.

Then to my surprise, a few days later caio tags me in a post on instagram of him shedding over my tune! To realize that he was similarly inspired by the class as me was baffling! That means, if he—the teacher—is on the same journey as all of us students, maybe, someday, we can be as fluent in the language of musical expression as he is.


Caio teaches—by example—how any experience can be a learning experience. And how learning in particular is a dialogue between the familiar and the unfamiliar. His class opened my ears to a sea of new sounds, but most importantly he didn’t leave me stranded. He taught me the skills of shipbuilding and navigation, then gently nudged my boat off shore in search of my own route.

This is all a metaphor, of course; no boats were involved.

It’s more than obvious that Caio has a seemingly bottomless wealth of musical knowledge and skill, yet somehow, it always feels like he’s exploring all this with you. And absolutely nothing is more inspiring than that.”


Nico Daglio Fine


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