Debut Album Available Now!

  1. Prebenda 11:31
  2. Aftermath 06:57
  3. Radamés y Maradona 09:44
  4. Reconstrução 08:51

Dido Suite

  1. Intro/Overture 09:03
  2. Dido 13:01

  • Caio Afiune - Guitar
  • Henrique Eisenmann - Piano
  • Simón Willson - Bass
  • Fernando Amaro - Drums
  • Hery Paz - Tenor Saxophone
  • Lihi Haruvi - Soprano Saxophone
  • Aaron Bahr - Trumpet

"Caio Afiune gave me his CD a week ago and I can't stop listening to it. I have played it for my wife and friends as well. His music takes you on a journey to a different culture. The playing is super and in the moment with real sensitivity and sophistication. They say God is in the details and his writing has such great detail and dynamics."

—Jerry Bergonzi

"The new recording by Caio Afiune shows all the talent and musicality of this young guitarist, composer and arranger. Caio is a legitimate hybrid - he combines, in perfect doses, the music of his native Brazil and that of Jazz. And he has a very original voice."

—Luciana Souza