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Caio Afiune: Prebenda

"The new recording by Caio Afiune shows all the talent and musicality of this young guitarist, composer and arranger. Caio is a legitimate hybrid - he combines, in perfect doses, the music of his native Brazil and that of Jazz. And he has a very original voice."

—Luciana Souza

The debut album from Caio Afiune features original compositions combining rhythms from his origin country of Brazil and the bebop language of his new- found home of the United States. The opening track “Prebenda”, was awarded an ASCAP Young Composer Award, and “Dido”, the closing track, was an official finalist in the 2015 Hollywood songwriting competition and also won the 2016 Downbeat Award for best composition.

Imagine 5

Based in Boston, MA, Imagine 5 presents a unique sound that spans across continents. The diverse group seamlessly blends bebop vocabulary with grooves and percussion from around the world. Each highly trained and well-versed, the group delivers a vibrant musical experience and unexpected sound palate to their expansive audience.

The premiere album of Imagine 5 features Afiune in a supporting role as well as a composer of tracks "I Remember You" and "Little Piece".
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Christian Sands: Facing Dragons

Grammy-Award Nominated pianist Christian Sands released Facing Dragons in 2018 under Mack Avenue Records. The album went on to receive critical acclaim and Grammy consideration. Caio is featured heavily on the album with tracks such as "Fight for Freedom", "Her Song", " and "Samba de Vela".